Home inspectors have a lot of work on their hands. Not only must they perform the inspection, but they should also adhere to the expectations of the buyer. One of the expectations of the buyer may very well be that they see a completed report by the end of the day of the inspection. Are you prepared to deliver?

At the end of the day, providing a timely home inspection report is part of the process of being successful. Clients expect their answers quickly, and of course, they want the answers delivered in an easy-to-read format.

Buyers Have High Expectations

Typically, home inspectors can deliver a verbal assessment, a hard copy, and an electronic copy. Your role as an inspector is to realize that there is a time and place for each type of report.

In reading over home inspection reports, buyers want to glean as much vital information as possible. Some buyers will expect their reports immediately, or at least a verbal assessment of the home’s needs. In cases like these, you should have some remarks available to go over before you leave the property.

Home inspectors who plan to deliver hard copies of their reports on-site will often carry a portable printer with them. Others will pass along the information via email.

In most cases, buyers will expect an inspection report within 24 hours. You are likely okay even if you deliver a report the next day. You might opt to send an e-mail with a copy of the report immediately and then send a hard copy in the mail to arrive later.

The key here is to speak with your client about his or her expectations. You can also express your needs as a professional before the inspection begins.

Home Inspections Should Be Thorough

No matter when you deliver the inspection report, you should provide a thorough and highly detailed report with which the client is going to be happy. Having a plan of action for how to create and deliver the report helps.

As you develop skills as a home inspector, you are sure to find your stride. You will learn how to communicate your needs and ensure that your clients are as thrilled with your work as you are, even if they are not sure what the results are going to be.

Home inspection report

Home inspectors can provide reports through many different media, appealing to discerning clients.

Home Inspection Software Is Beneficial

Software makes home inspection much simpler, even for the seasoned pros. For starters, such software can help to create a crisp template that is both easy-to-write and easy-to-read.

Home inspection reports made with the help of software can be delivered quickly, which is a major selling point for the technology. You can try it out on your next inspection too. Download our home inspection app for Android or iPhone to see how software can transform the way you deliver reports.