Home Inspection Salary

What is the average salary for a home inspector?

The more inspections a home inspector can complete, the higher their salary will be. One of the keys to increasing your salary as a home inspector is making sure that real estate agents continue to refer you to their clients. Our home inspection reports can help make that happen for you. By providing your clients with a high-quality home inspection report, you keep referrals coming your way and with every additional home inspection you increase your income and salary as a home inspector.

Generally speaking, a part-time home inspector will perform between one and four home inspections per week. With the average home inspection paying approximately $390, the part-time annual home inspector’s salary will be between $20,280 and $81,120. Some home inspectors prefer to work part-time so they can maintain a flexible schedule. Maybe they want to perform all their home inspections in the morning, so they can spend their afternoons golfing, fishing, or relaxing with their family.

Full-time home inspectors typically perform between five and ten inspections per week. At an average of $390 per home inspection a full-time home inspector salary can range from $101,400 to $202,800 per year. Even when you’re performing home inspections full-time and making a great annual salary you can still maintain a good work/life balance. The normal home inspection takes two hours to complete so even the high-salary home inspectors who perform ten inspections per week are really only inspecting for approximately twenty hours per week.

What should a home inspector do to increase their home inspector salary?

In addition to increasing the number of home inspections you complete in a given week, the best way to increase your home inspection salary is to provide ancillary services for your clients. Providing services like well-water inspection, septic inspection, and pool & spa inspection are just a few of those examples. Our partner school Inspection Certification Associates provides lifetime access to those courses and many more free of charge for their students. They even include commercial inspection and our software Report Form Pro Nitro free for life.

Another way to increase your home inspection salary is to list your home inspection business contact information in our online home inspection directory. Hireaninspector.com is the number one directory where real estate agents, buyers, and sellers go to find qualified home inspectors in their area.