Everyone tells you to get active on social media. It’s a great marketing tool for home inspectors, but used the wrong way, it can have the opposite effect. If you’re too responsive, you’ll spend more hours than you should in front of a computer or mobile device. But if you’re not responsive enough, your audience will drift away.

What is that magic combination and how can you get it? Avoiding these common newbie marketing mistakes is a good start.

#1: Using Too Many Different Social Media Platforms

It’s easy to jump into every channel you can find when you’re getting your social media sea legs. After all, if one channel is good, all of them must be fantastic. That’s not usually how it works.

Every platform has a certain type of audience, so each one has the ability to reach a different type of person. This article at Entrepreneur breaks down the popular channels. But if you try to use them all, you’ll spend more time than you should in social media and not enough on the job.

Learn what the different social media options is about. LinkedIn, for example, is a professional social site. Facebook is personal, but that also means you have an incredibly broad reach, especially using some of their new business tools. Pick one or two platforms and work out from there. That’s what Dave Kogan says at the ASHI blog.

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The more you use social media and the more businesses you follow, the better you’ll understand the subtle nuances of effective business communication.

#2: Too Much Business or Too Much Casual

You want to be friendly. That’s what social is all about. A dull presence will do nothing for your engagement with followers.  But a too-friendly social media presence can make your home inspection business come across as unprofessional. That’s probably the opposite effect that you’re going for.

Businesses that use social effectively have mastered the art of the business casual voice. Think of it as the khaki pants and Polo shirt of words.

A friendly conversational style with your social media audience helps them develop a connection with your business. Just be careful about responding to negative comments in kind or sharing too much about what you had for lunch.

#3: Haphazard Social Media Posting and Engagement

There’s an icon on every Facebook business page that tells visitors how quickly the page owner responds. The quicker you are to respond to visitor messages, the more professional you’ll look to your audience. Not only that, your response time could be the difference between getting a home inspection appointment and the potential customer contacting someone else.

Timeliness also applies to social media posts. If once a day is all you can manage, stick with it. If you start off with a bang and then lose steam, your audience could fall away.

Every channel has a better time for posting and a better mix of posting schedules. for Facebook, once or twice a day is fine for a small home inspection business. Twitter needs three times as many posts per day. Now Marketing Group explains more about schedules plus gives insight into the best times of day to post on each channel.

#4: Blending Personal Social With Your Home Inspection Business 

There are different schools of thought about using a personal social media account for business. Some say one account is plenty for anyone. Forbes says you should never mix business with personal life. It’s just too risky and complicated.

It’s easier, at least at first, to use a personal account to raise awareness of your business. But soon, the lines between family and work start to blur. Separating the accounts once you’ve started to build an audience will cause confusion. You might also lose some valuable posts and customer interactions in the shift.

If you stick with one or two social media accounts at first, opening a business page for each of them will be much easier to manage. As your comfort level increases, then you can safely think about adding more.

We get it. One of the biggest attractions about being a home inspector is driving business as you see fit. But sometimes, guidelines exist because they work. You can use social media as little or as much as you like. You can even skip it altogether. The important thing is to use what’s known about each platform to get the best results. Just because you can use social any way you like doesn’t mean that’ll get you more home inspection customers or referrals.

If you’re building a home inspection business, every decision counts, including the reporting software that you use. If you’re unimpressed with what you’ve got, check out easy-to-use Report Form Pro. You can download our home inspection app for Android or get it for your Apple device at the App Store.