The work of a one home inspector is largely solitary, with networking opportunities rarer than in many other industries. That’s one reason why online home inspection discussion forums evolved. Think of them as a social media and help desk combination for the profession.

You can chat with professionals in your area and around the country while building a network of friends and peers. And unlike attending association chapter meetings, you can participate in forums as it fits into your schedule.

Get Quick Answers to Problems in the Field

Who hasn’t encountered a situation during an inspection that practically begged for a second opinion? Maybe the question is whether or not to enter an area such as a closed attic or sketchy crawlspace. Or maybe it’s about a home system that’s foreign to the inspector.

Forums are accessible using a mobile device, and that means you can log in on the job. While you never know who might also be logged in at the same time, your question has a good chance of being seen and replied to. ASHI‘s forum is exclusive, but members can access it.

Learn About What’s Trending in the Industry

Industry forums are sort of like the water cooler in an office. They’re where people spend a little time between jobs or before and after work. And just like around the water cooler, people talk about what’s happening in the industry.

When there’s a new tool, such as Home Inspection Report software, you’ll probably hear about it and get opinions from people who have used it. If there’s a convention coming up, you’ll know what to expect. If there are new policies emerging that affect your job, you’ll hear about them from people like you.

Make Friends and Grow Your Peer Network

Friends and peers are never bad things, but it’s a bit difficult to meet people when you don’t work in an office. Association meetings and conventions bring inspectors together, but those only happen occasionally. You can visit a forum every day, if you like. And that gives you more opportunities to meet and associate with other inspectors.

A broad network of friends and peers helps you build your business, stay informed, and perhaps get quicker answers when you have a question. All that you have to do is log in and chances are someone will be online.

Whittle Down Association Membership Dues

This isn’t the case with every forum, but NAHI offers a special perk. Members who register and actively participate in the forum can earn credits to be applied toward association membership dues.

For every post that you make, NAHI offers a set amount of credits. Start questions, answer them, hold conversations, and generally make the NAHI forum useful for yourself and others. It’s one way that the association encourages members to participate in the community.

You might work isolated but you don’t have to stay there. Through an online forum network, you can expand your reach much further than by making contacts and connections the old-fashioned way. And the more inspectors you know, the richer your career can be.

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