What’s it worth to pass your state home inspector’s exam on the very first try? A mere $20? That’s all it costs to get the Home Inspection Exam Prep app for your mobile device.

This handy tool lets you test your knowledge about home systems and defects anytime, anywhere. The more you practice, the better your odds of nailing your state and the national home inspection exam without shelling out those exam fees again and again.

Practice Tests are Famously Effective

They say that practice makes perfect, and there’s a good reason for it. The more you work through the steps of a task, the more likely you are to succeed when the time comes for real. That’s why so many pre-med and pre-law students take practice tests before tackling major entrance exams for postsecondary education.

Business testing and support company, Question Mark, says practice helps boost your test day performance in a few ways.

Practice tests:

    • Reveal what you know and what needs more study time
    • Improve information retention
    • Improve learning skills
    • Build test-taking stamina
    • Strengthen focus
    • Lower test-taking anxiety

State Exams are Based on the National Model

You’ll take the National Home Inspection Exam, but you might also have a state exam on your docket. That’s OK because our practice test app prepares you for both.

State-level home inspection exams are based on the national exam model, with certain state-specific information woven in. Many of the questions are the same or similar, and the test-taking format is often similar, too. That means one practice testing app can serve double duty at the state and national level.

Watch how it works.

A Small Financial and Time Investment Saves Big

The national exam costs about $225, depending on the state where you live and where you take it. Costs might be slightly lower in some states. But one thing is certain, it’s not especially cheap. If your state-level exam is separate, you’ll have additional costs to bear before becoming a full-fledged home inspector.

Now imagine that test day doesn’t go very well. If you don’t pass the national or state exam, you’ll have to take it again. In some cases, there’s a waiting period. Weeks later, you’ll pay the same exam fees again, all in the hopes of a better grade. But for a $20 investment in your future, you can practice taking those exams again and again until you’re confident of your knowledge.

Studying is naturally a vital part of exam prep. But practice tests are the serious test taker’s path to nailing it the first time. You’ve devoted so much effort to learning everything that you can about home inspecting. Don’t sell yourself short when you’re so close to success.

Are you nervous about taking your state home inspection exam? You shouldn’t be, not when there’s a convenient study and practice tool on your mobile device. Get the app for your iPhone or iPad or your Android device.